Can you believe July is already almost over?!
I am so thankful to have a free country to live in.

Here is a photo log of some of the things we did/saw on this day,
The celebration of our Country's Independence.
Waiting in the park for the fireworks to start.
 Sunset in Huntsville, UT
If you look hard enough, you can see the moon (which was what I was trying to take a picture of in the first place).

The following is a demonstration of how not to show your patriotism:
Sporting the Red, White and Blue 
Ultimate FAIL

Check out whose smile is looking better and better every day! 
 That's right.
Results from P's retainers have finally made their appearance!

Anyway, I love that picture.

It reminds me why I am so glad we are 2 small-ish people.
We took this picture while lying in the same sleeping bag.
Believe it or not,
Together we fit quite comfortably in one bag.
It's awesome!

And something else we did not want to see on Independence day:
 Check out the large
Crack in the back
Note how Patriotism  fail was also included in the picture.
I don't think we could have picked a worse view...
(We were all very glad when Patriotism moved
only a few minutes after this pic was taken, 
and Crack adjusted his shirt and shorts properly thereafter.
I wonder if they saw me taking pictures?
Or maybe they just heard us talking. 
Either way, we felt much less distracted after those events took place.
*insert sigh of relief here*) 

 I included this one, just to be cheesy.
Plus I liked the bow I had in my hair to show
some of my favorite colors
this holiday season
 Some of my favorite fireworks 
(wish I could have captured a more vibrant pic of them)

I am so thankful to have a free country to live in.

Please, please, please
Cherish and Celebrate 
Your Freedom!

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