P broke my best (and only) paring knife.  :(
He was trying to cut a peach. 
Sad is the day that a peach can snap a metal knife in two. 
Farewell, favorite Cuisinart paring knife.
You served me well.


Michael and Anita said...

Sincerest condolences for your knife. :( One of my faves got put down the garbage disposal by one of my roommates. She's bent but I still keep her around. :) I snooped around a few past posts, too--so fun to see you and your fam at graduation. :) And I'm jealous of the fresh cherries, but I got some fresh peaches last weekend, so I can't feel too bad for myself.

Anonymous said...

That's one tough peach! Don't know that I have ever seen that before. --Peter, you do know you're not supposed to cut the pit!?

Uncle Mike