The Jitters

I realized an interesting inclination in myself just the other day. I always wake up with really strong "pre-marriage jitters" the morning of good friends' weddings. I do, I really truly do. It's as if I re-live the emotions from morning before I got married, but instead of having the feelings for myself, I have it for the couple getting married. It almost seems like I'm having some kind of strange sympathetic reflex. That happens to you too, right?

                              Maybe not...

     Aaaaand we're moving on....

24 June 2011
This was definitely a wedding I am so glad I did not miss. Seeing my cousin get married to a really good friend of mine was a real treat!
 I am so in love with the background picture. 
Maybe it's the joy you can see in both their faces?
Maybe it's my cousin, Carmen, the blushing bride.
She is absolutely gorgeous,
and I am so happy for her!
I honestly think it's Allen's fist pump.
Gotta love that guy
(and his enthusiasm). 

And, of course, 
going to a wedding at the same place that I got married 
to my best friend always brings those 
special memories to the front of my mind.
 And I wouldn't change that for anything.

Quite the awesome coincidence that my shirt
matched the wedding colors almost exactly.
I had no idea beforehand.
I promise! :) 

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